To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before By Jenny Han Review


With the upcoming release of Ps. I Still Love You by Jenny Han and the very beginning of this new blog i thought it would be the perfect time to review To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, the book prior to Ps. I Still Love You. I read this book a while back, like a week after it came out so i’m going off an old review and memory but don’t worry i’m young. I should have good memory. Should.

Now let me give you a quick synopsis on it, my rating and then tell my likes and dislikes about the book.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before is basically about the story of a half korean and half white teenage girl named Lara Jean who is living this quiet peaceful life then next thing she knows all the letters she’s ever written to a boy she’s liked in her life gets sent out to them. The book is most on what results of this event and her family life that occurs during this event. I gave this book a whopping 4 stars for it’s inclusiveness of her family and characterization.


-Not many young adult or contemporary or..any form of literature involving teens has parents included. Which i’ve always been jealous about how 15 and 16 year olds can run around L.A or how they can do pretty much anything and their parents are no where to be seen,completely unheard of, could be killed but we don’t know cause they’re not included. This is absolutely opposite for To All The Boy’s I’ve loved, not only is spotlight on Lara’s parents but also on her siblings and her relationship with them. It’s not strongly intertwined with her love life but finds a little way in it.

Jenny Han truly has a way with her words and characters. I really loved how characters are introduced and how they communicate in this book. It’s light, its smooth, its never hard to follow their conversation and just overall with this book, its really not hard to read. Like what i always say when i read a not-so-heavily-conflict-book, it doesn’t require a lot of ATP. I read it in one sitting and i was just entirely pleased and in love with the story when i was done.


-I never have much dislikes for any book i’ve read just because i don’t really look for them but if it stands out to me it definitely is a problem. Not sure if this is a problem, probably will be for some but necessarily me is that theres really no memorable moment or scene in this book. Like i said, its a light brainless kind of read, which again, i enjoyed however when i’m ready to discuss it with someone i won’t really have much specific to say since nothing stuck out for me. Sure i’ve said i read this quite a while but it really hasn’t been a year yet and even after i read it i couldn’t really remember anything significant besides some family problems that happened.

But i’m really not that upset by it because even though i don’t remember anything much, i still have this crazy excitement for the second book yet i’m really scared on this new crush that is going to be introduced. Hopefully its going to be a bit more on Lara and her feelings and relationships than family, as much as i enjoyed that in the first book, because theres going to be two of them. Let your readings continue and if you haven’t picked up To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before yet, pick it up now!

Still want to check it for yourself?

Check the goodreads page for it right here!
If you want to buy it here are three links.
Barnes And Nobles
BooksDepository *ships free worldwide*


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