Throne Of Glass By Sarah J. Mass Review


I can’t begin to tell you how disappointed i was with this book but i have to because thats the whole point of reviewing it. Let’s get straight to the point. I leniently gave this book 2.8 stars just for me liking the main character in the very beginning, the interesting plot and mostly, the bad ass action scenes. But before i go into detail with those likes let me give a brief synopsis first.

The story is basically about an assassin trained teenage girl named Celaena Sardothien (every time i’ve ever read her named i kept saying See-lee-na only to find out when i was done reading it, it is pronounced as Sell-lay-nah) being locked up in this kind of cruel and ruthless prison and then shes released by the prince to serve as the king’s champion in a competition in order to gain her absolute freedom. Then turns out theres some evil stuff lurking in the castle that is killing her opponents and so she has to put on her nancy drew shoes and figure out whats going on.


I will push my dislikes aside and fairly admit i really really loved Celaena’s personality in the beginning. Like, very very beginning you know, before some things got tedious and repetitive. I really loved how bad ass she was, how she only thought of herself and had a goal in mind. It truly stuck with the assassin aspect of her character. Which is shown through her fighting scenes. I really loved reading whenever she fought, she has a very positive mindset that basically tells herself that she can do this and with this, it often results in success. I gave in to this book mostly because of the hype of it on Booktube but not just that it had an interesting plot that pulled me in and thats what all the action scenes did for me. It pulled me in and kept me on edge. If the book had a little bit more of that kind of energy and focus it would’ve been greater and i wouldn’t have as much dislikes but unfortunately for me it does.


I really don’t know if its just me but i for one can’t stand reading an action book that has equal or more romance to action. To me it always has to be less romance than action just because when i pick up an action book guess what? I want some action and some adventure. Especially if its a first book in a series. Like the reason i enjoyed the Hunger Games series was because of that. You just don’t have time to make romance a prominent aspect in a first book just because you have the world explaining to do, explaining the characters and conflict on whats going on. Same thing with the Percy Jackson series. Percy did not have time to be wondering if he liked annabeth in that first book. What he did have time to do is wonder how the hell did a pen turn into a sword. So to me this whole drama with the prime was just so upsetting cause here i am, overly anxious about who could it be doing these evil things while Celaena is out here low-key flirting with the prince. And its not even in the sense of flirting but her semi-feelings (because its not entirely expressed or out there) between the prince and the Captain of the Guards. There was just too much romance going on in her situation. Especially after all that bragging about being assassin.

That brings me to my next point. Like i said, in the very beginning i really loved how true she stuck with expressing her character as an assassin. But after a while saying, “because i’m assassin” gets tiring. For everything her entire excuse was “I can’t because i’m assassin.” Why can’t she have friends? Because she’s an assassin. Why can’t she do the right thing? Because she’s an assassin. Why can’t she have My Little Pony stickers with matching pillow cases and bed spreads? Because she’s an assassin. This overused excuse to me was really just humorous and even made her character not seem as identical true to the ideal that she is an assassin.

Between all the romance and bragging i’m not eager to read the next book and i most likely won’t unless i’m in the mood to reread the first book and end up liking it more the second time than the first time…but i don’t see that happening. This does not mean i’ve given up on the author. Her writing was decent and she has another book called A Court Of Thornes And Roses which i’m really interested to read.

If you are the opposite of me on when it comes to the ration of action to romance you will probably like it more and you’ll probably be even more drawn to Celaena’s character throughout the book. It just wasn’t my cup of tea and thats fine. Thats all for this review and so let your reading continue!

If you want you can check my video review to it!

Still want to check it for yourself?

Check the goodreads page for it right here!
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BooksDepository *ships free worldwide*


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