The Iron Trial by Cassandra Clare and Holly Black review


For some reason i have been putting off this review not because i didn’t like the book or anything of that sort, it’s just that i didn’t have the strength to write but i finally do so here it goes. I read this book in December and remember a lot of events that took place in it so thats always a good sign that you thoroughly enjoyed a book. I gave this first book of a middle grade series called The Magisterium written by two authors, Holly Black and Cassandra Clare, a solid 4.5 stars. It had a lot of the components i like in middle grade; adventure, friendship and of course, magic with great writing and awesome characters. I was a little worried before i got this book because i was seeing a lot of shipping and it made me wondered if it was heavy romantic but it wasn’t. People just don’t want 12 year old adventures to be 12 year old adventurers. I also want to clarify that this is NOTHING like Harry Potter. The only thing they have in common is the concept of magic. Now lets get on to the likes and dislikes.


The cast of this book is just flipping amazing. Not only does it have a main character thats disabled but a cast of major and minor characters that are people of color. I absolutely adore the main character Callum Hunt. The book does a good job on describing his struggle of doing things as a crippled boy and also doing things like magic. His friendship with the other characters, specifically, Tamara Rajavi an iranian girl and Aaron Stewart a boy that you will love dearly is amazing, its not rushed and they do take a while to get to the point of strong teamwork which is shown through the battles they face. It actually made me have a little percy jackson nostalgia on how i felt reading these kinds of books when i was younger. You know about a young boy who doesn’t really fit the criteria of normal. Always feeling like you’re messing up and can’t be as good as other people just because you’re different from them. The book shines a light on that as well. Theres excitement and wonder whenever magic enters this kind of aspect which is all the more better. This was just overall a fantastic middle grade book and the plot twist at the end just left me shocked. I’m too for the second book.


Now as i mentioned before i adore the trio friendship going on in this book however i’m already foreseeing the typical leave-out-the-only-girl-in-the-trio aspect. Theres a lot of Aaron foreshadowing of course and you’ll find out why but it would be nice to have an emphasis on the all three of these characters because we have to believe they’re actually best friends and we can’t exactly do that if we never get to know each of them so hopefully not only do we get to see what will happen with Aaron and Callum but also have Tamara play an important role rather than backup. Thats really all that i’m worried about but in the end i’m very for the second book. I’m expecting a lot of focus on their friendship and of course Callum. We’ve come to the end of this review and so let your readings continue. 🙂

If you want you can check out my video review to it!

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