A Little Something Different By Sandy Hall review


First summer read goes to A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall. I really enjoyed this book and it’s definitely pulling me into the reading vibes so i’m glad its my first book for the summer. I gave this book 3.5 stars for it’s creativity in point of views (which are awesome), it’s diversity (i had no clue so i’m pretty darn happy to pick up a diverse book unintentionally) and creativity in how they turned a cliche love story into something different (you see what i did there?).

To sum up the story it’s basically about two freshman college kids, Gabe and Lea that are meant to be according to everyone around them and so are pushed together but unfortunately obstacles come up and stand in their way.


What makes this stand alone romance so unique is that the story is not from the povs(point of views) of the main characters but the pops of people that encounter the main characters. From the starbucks barista and passive aggressive classmate to a campus squirrel and bench. It would’ve definitely been nice to be inside their heads but something about reading from others perspectives on these people gives you ideas of how these people are personality wise. Other than refreshing, it made the story fun too.

In my last review i praised The Iron Trial for diversity but i went into that book already knowing some characters were not white which is fine. But i just love picking up a book and seeing diversity in it because for me its rare for that to happen. In this book theres not just an amazing lead character thats asian but also gay and bisexual characters. Hopefully it becomes the norm to have diverse characters.

Moving onto the aspect of cliche love stories. Not many people like that which is fine. But i definitely enjoy them as long as its written well and this book is not only written well but also takes a cliche love story (boy meets girl, girl meets boy, they like each other but can’t tell each other) and puts it differently through point of views of others as i mentioned above. So it really does change the feel of the story and how you look on it too.


Not much dislikes for this book, as usual, but i should point out something that i experienced reading this book. While reading i did get a little bored due to not conflict being minor things. The only major conflict was his secret and that itself wasn’t even big. I also got a little frustrated with how they had all these opportunities to get together which i get is suppose to be apart of the book but it was getting really tedious and tiring. When i look back on it it just made the book seem stretched out. I really felt like there was something else that could’ve been added. Something big. In dispute of that, the book was a light romance and great for the start of summer. That is all for this review and… let your readings continue!

Still want to check it for yourself?

Check the goodreads page for it right here!
If you want to it buy here are three links.
Barnes And Nobles
BooksDepository *ships free worldwide*


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