Summer On The Short Bus by Bethany Crandell review


Hello people of blogging world and all who inhabits it. I have returned. (Not as if i entirely disappeared but still.) Theres so many books i’ve read between my last review and this one so i’m going to try to be more punctual with these since there are so many. Any how, lets get on with the review.

A summer On The Short Bus is a 272 page contemporary young adult novel that follows the story of Cricket Montgomery a spoiled seventeen year old that had planned to spend her summer with her best friend in some amazing place but is shipped off by her dad to be a counselor at a summer camp for disabled children.There she meets a very smexy guy that resembles Zac Efron and she tries to get through her period of time there by trying to hook up with him even though she very much hates the disabled. I gave this book a 3.2 stars.


I liked this book and actually got through this book because of the disabled kids. They made this book worth wild. They’re funny, they’re talented and they’re basically like any other human being. Cricket doesn’t see this at first because she’s creeped out by them. Which i don’t know how because i loved them the minute they were introduced. I also liked the other counselors, they’re a diverse group containing a hispanic girl, a black guy and chef that i think has a phobia or mental illness of some sort. I also really loved how real Quinn (the zac efron look a like) was and so much more than looks. The author did a fantastic job pointing out his flaws. You usually don’t get that from ya books directly, its usually more indirectly. I just really loved this book and its focus on not just disabled people but disabled children and the average reaction or even thoughts towards them.


I enjoyed the main character an extent. Her reaction and out right personality was too much for me but I can’t say that it’s unrealistic since there are people like that in this world. Still, that doesn’t mean i have to like her character. I also did not enjoy the “turning point” or “big reveal” of the story to give it conflict and progression. I thought it was too weak compared to its build up. The book had the potential of being four stars but the result was meh.

I really loved the ending though and it actually reminded me of Camp Confidential in a way too. It’s a satisfying read if you have nothing on your to be read shelf and/or if you want to pick up something light. Thank you for reading and let your readings continue 🙂

Still want to check it for yourself?

Check the goodreads page for it right here!
If you want to it buy here are three links.
Barnes And Nobles
BooksDepository *ships free worldwide*


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