The School For Good And Evil by Soman Chainani review


Hello people of the blogging world i’ve returned to give you my review of The School Of Good And Evil by . I honestly was very iffy about this book in terms of ratings because when i was done i didn’t know what kind of book this was. Meaning, i didn’t know how to rate it. So i waited a couple days when i gathered my thoughts and finally decided to give it 2.8 stars. Before i go on and on about what i liked and didn’t like let me give you a brief synopsis.

This is the story about two characters a pretty flowery girl named Sophie and a supposedly gothic girl named Agatha. Sophie befriends Agatha as a good deed to be chosen by the head master to get into the school of good. However when this giant bird (i’m not sure if it was a bird but it flew so i’m guessing its a kind of bird) comes to take Sophie away Agatha intervenes causing the bird to drop Agatha in the school of  good and Sophie in the school of evil.

The Good Points

I really loved the idea of this book. It basically gave a “behind-the-scenes” to how fairytales are created and who gets chosen to be a princess and a villain. It’s different and ver unique. Whats also great is the the two main characters. Now i do not like Sophie, at all but she does have some few good qualities. She’s persistent and doesn’t give up which can actually be seen as a bad quality in terms of what she does in the book but i’m looking at it in a better light. Agatha however all round has great qualities. She’s also very driven, smart and loyal to a fault. Literally. To a fault. Which brings me to what i really didn’t like about this book.

The Bad Points

I can’t count how many times Sophie has looked down upon and mistreats Agatha but it is just one of the unhealthiest and one-sided friendship i have seen. Though it did point out how nice Agatha truly was it was just annoying see how quickly and easily Agatha took back Sophie. I’m really really not feeling this friendship.

Now i’m really not sure what the book was trying to do with Tedros, the main “love” interest. (i suppose?) He’s sometimes an ass but then there are these random times where they give him like a backstory of his father and he treats Sophie kind and then treats Agatha like crap then treats Agatha kindly then treats Sophie badly. And then there was a lot of pushing him towards Agatha but there are times when its pushing him away from her. I just felt very confused with what kind of person is Tedros suppose to be. Like by the end of it i was wondering if i was suppose to hate him or like him. Either way, i don’t care for him because his character just wasn’t written well.

This book had quite a confusing ending and i’ve read it three times. Are Sophie and Agatha are friends? Enemies? Frenemies? Lovers? So much happened at the end in the last three pages that i barely understood what happened. This book has such a unique storyline but i’m confused as to where everything stands. Its just when i think about the characters, their personality is everywhere. And its not even in a realistic sense where people have different aspects of their personality yet it fits them and comes together to make that person but in this book’s case Tedros and Sophie’s personalities just doesn’t make much sense.

That is all for The School Of Good And Evil review thank you for reading and let me know if you’ve read it and what you’ve thought about it!

Still want to check it for yourself?

Check the goodreads page for it right here!
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Barnes And Nobles
BooksDepository *ships free worldwide*


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