Paper Towns by John Green review


I don’t know if its because The Fault In Our Stars set this invisible bar for all John Green books but..i didn’t enjoy Paper Towns that much. Maybe because it was less extraordinaire like TFIOS which had two kids battling cancer and traveling and saying deep love quotes but Paper Towns was more like an everyday but not quite, normal book about teens. Either way it was good. Good enough to get 3.3 stars.


The story is about the almost graduate Quentin Jacobsen who is content with having a boring life until Margo Roth Spiegelman climbs in his window, convinces him to use his car and go prank people who have wrong’d Margo and him and then sneak into sea world. After that day Margo is missing and the story is about him doing whatever it takes and whenever it takes to find her.

The Good

Theres not much to say on the good and thats because my good points basically cover the whole book. The Main characters and minor characters were very likably. I loved that John Green put some diversity in it by including Angela and Radar however, would’ve been a bit better if Angela was more included in the group. I love the humor and friendship between Quentin, Radar and Ben. You could tell from the atmosphere between them that they really have known each other for a while.

The book gave a sense of realism and very deep thoughts. Especially since i live in Florida and could understand a lot more of the idea of Paper Towns.

The Bad

I firstly will say is i did not like how quickly Quentin was ready to throw away school essentially to search for Margo. I understand he felt obligated and complied to because he has strong feelings for her but it still unnerved me. Though i am happy that he did get some good and exciting memories that he will remember years later because he did live a boring life until Margo enter the picture.

It was an easy read. Kind of boring and it was also really detailed about everything but i think John Green was making this realistic and so i won’t really penalize him for that. Real people don’t have exciting adventures and drama every minute of their lives but something interesting could’ve happened during those extremely detailed scenes because some of those scenes he didn’t find any clues. If i was in his position i would be so mad cause i wasted all that time and no clue? Margo better search for her own self cause i would’ve given up. But the story isn’t about me. It’s about Quentin and his goal to find the missing margo.

It was great and i think if you’re going to watch the movie do read the book before it cause they’re bound to take out something. (Though they could probably take out something and it wouldn’t be a big deal cause not much happened except at the beginning and end.)

Still want to check it for yourself?

Check the goodreads page for it right here!

If you want to it buy here are three links.


Barnes And Nobles

BooksDepository *ships free worldwide*


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