Half Bad by Sally Green review


Lately i don’t have much to say about books probably because most books i’ve read have been average. Half Bad by Sally Green has fallen into that category. It wasn’t what i expected to be honest and thats probably why u found it average. However it was good and did get me deeply interested at some points. And so i gave it 3.2 stars.

The story of a teenage boy named Nathan who was born to a white witch mother and a black witch father(who neither are in his life anymore). Because black witches are the “bad” kind of witches, especially since his father is the biggest and baddest witch and because he’s a half black witch all he faces discrimination and have been limited and restrained by the white witch council. The white witch council’s restraint becomes tighter and tighter until he’s in their “custody” (which is actually a cage.) From there the story goes on including his escape and search for his father and many things in between.

The Good
It really had me on edge during his escape. Not just that but i really love Nathan. He’s not just representing the lack of bisexual (I’m 90% sure he is but i cannot be 100% due to all that happens in the end) characters out there but he’s smart, dedicated and very charming. The story basically makes you feel kind of sympathetic for the black witches that are deemed evil and kind of hate white witches that are suppose to be the good ones.

The Bad
I really really didn’t like the You perspective (e.g “You watch her….You don’t know what to think….You..”). I don’t know if its because during my Justin Bieber obsession days i use to read that kind of POV in fan fictions but it really does the opposite of getting me emerged in the story. In addition, the ending was meh and because of that i was just not very immersed in the book and cared enough to continue.

The You POV really did stop me from really getting my mind into the book and so it just felt very..average.

Still want to check it for yourself?

Check the goodreads page for it right here!
If you want to it buy here are three links.
Barnes And Nobles
BooksDepository *ships free worldwide*


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